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every candle
plants a tree

how camp candle co. and veritree are working together towards a sustainable future by restoring critical landscapes which help the planet thrive.

Camp Candle is excited to announce a new partnership with Veritree for our Every Candle Plants a Tree Initiative. We have been planting trees with our candles since 2020, but noticed some areas that were not being covered with our previous partner with regards to transparency and tangible impact. Veritree fills those gaps with impacts that can be monitored and shared with our community.


As such, the numbers shown on this platform will represent our impacts as of January 2023 and moving forward into the future. We will be purchasing trees and kelp on a quarterly basis through the year and the impacts will be updated at that time.


We have also decided to expand our interests into both forest reforestation and sea kelp reforestation within the province of British Columbia. This means that a portion of every product sold will go directly into our partnered reforestation efforts, not just the candles. Purchases of wax melts, tealights, scent sprays and reed diffusers will directly aid in Sea Kelp Reforestation initiatives, while all candle products will continue to directly aid in Forest Reforestation.

Through Veritree, we are working towards a sustainable future by restoring critical landscapes which help the planet thrive.

Veritree and their partners work together to ensure restorative actions are verified, and that every dollar invested in restoration has a tangible impact.

Camp Candle Co. is excited to move forward as a partner with Veritree and we are thrilled to be bringing their values, transparency and tangible impacts to the Camp Candle Co. community as a whole. As always, I thank our customers and the community for continuing
to support our brand while making conscientious decisions with your buying power to aid in our joint reforestation efforts.

Maarsii / Mīkwec / Thank you

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