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Herb Garden is a Minty, Herbal blend with scent elements of Basil, Rosemary + Mint. It is an invigorating scent, with perfectly paired herbal notes like a garden, just waiting to be harvested. Our reed diffuser kits are a perfect way to add scent to your space with minimal fuss. Simply set it and forget it. 


To use, simply remove the cork seal from the glass bottle and add the reeds. Make sure to fan the reeds out to allow air to flow through them and carry your scent farther. Flip the reeds after 24 hours to help the oil to work it's way up the reeds, and as they become saturated the scent molecules will disperse through your space. Every couple of weeks flip the reeds to allow the scent to continue dispersing through the room. 


Reed diffusers produce a subtle and continuous scent into your space and work great in smaller areas like bathrooms or offices. Our reed diffuser kits last approximatley 3 months of continuous use. 


Product Info:

    • Premium fragrance
    • Soy based glycerin
    • No added alcohol
    • Phthalate, Paraben and Toxin Free Fragrances
    • Glass Bottle
    • Perforated Reed Sticks (not bamboo)



    Herb Garden | Reed Diffuser

      • Soy based glycerin carrier oil
      • Phthalate/Paraben Free Fragrances

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