There's just something about a campfire...

A scent inspired by starry summer nights, glowing embers and good company.

With scent elements of Toasted Marshmallow, Smoke + Whiskey Barrel.


Campfires have a profound ability of allowing us to truly enjoy being in the moment. Some of my favorite childhood memories were from around a campfire. Storytelling, laughing with friends, toasting marshmallows on salvaged wooden sticks...pure and simple happiness.

We all need more campfires in our lives.


Scent Profile: Smoky, Sweet, Woodsy


Our backcountry tins are perfect to take with you back-packing, camping or using in the backyard without the risk of broken glass.

Not a camper? No problem. The minimalistic silver tin is sure to match any indoor contemporary, country or rustic decor. Makes a great gift to send abroad and share your love of the West Coast with your friends and loved ones!


Available in our original 6.5 oz Single Wood Wick Candle or an extra large 13 oz Triple Wood-Wick Candle.


Product Info:

    • 6.5 oz | 185 gram Candle (Single Wick) or
    • 13 oz | 370 gram Candle (Triple Wick)
    • Silver Metal Candle Tin (non-breakable)
    • Organic Soy & Coconut Blend 
    • Phthalate & Paraben Free Fragrances 
    • Crackling Wooden Wick
    • Approximate 30 hrs. burn time


    Campfire | Backcountry Tins | Natural Soy Blend Candle