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recycle. re-use. rejoice.

Camp Candle Co. is committed, both as a company and as a consumer, to taking environmental initiatives seriously. We strive to not only create clean and sustainable products, but to also minimize our ecological footprint in other aspects of our business.

In order to minimize our waste we offer suggestions on how to clean and re-use your candle packaging for your own purposes. On all product listings, there is suggestions on some ways that candle packaging can be re-used or properly recycled. If you come up with your own unique ways of re-using your packaging, we encourage you to post a photo and tag in the photo and you may win something cool!

In order to properly re-use or recycle your packaging please:

1. Remove all wax residue from the tin or container by either melting leftover wax with a heat gun or blow dryer, or scraping solid wax out with a butter knife. Leftover wax can be disposed of in your organics bin. 

2. Using a pair of pliers, remove the leftover wick and wick clip and dispose of properly (wick can go in organics and clip can go in metal recycling). 

3. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe out any leftover wax residue. Do not dump wax residue down your drain! This can cause plumbing issues. 

4. Remove labeling if you wish (labels are printed on a removable for this purpose).

5. If you plan on re-using your container, I suggest wiping it out with some rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water before re-use to remove any wax residue or lingering scent. Make sure to dry well to prevent any rusting!

6. If you don't plan on re-using your container, you can recycle it at this point. 

7. If you do plan on re-using your container, please make sure to tag us in a photo! We often give away prizes for unique and innovative ideas on the re-use of our packaging!

To take part in our recycle program please:

1. Return your empty packaging to Camp Candle Co. in person at any of our markets or mail it to #13-1833 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6R8. 

2. Please Include a note with your name and email address

3. I will email you a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase of the same item that can be redeemed online, or if returning in person you can choose to use your 10% immediately. 

Some things to note about this program:

1. Return shipping of the empty packaging is the responsibility of the buyer. 

2. Although we call this a "refill" program, for insurance reasons we do not send out used packaging for future purchases. Instead we repurpose the used packaging for in-house testing, marketing and other in-house use. Once packaging can no longer be re-used, we gather and recycle appropriately. 

3. The 10% discount code provided is only applicable for the same item (i.e. if you return a candle tin, you receive 10% off any candle tin. If you return a wax melt clamshell, you receive 10% off any wax melt)

For your chance to win various prizes throughout the year:

We like to celebrate creativity and environmental sustainability! If you come up with a really cool and innovative way to re-purpose your Camp Candle Co. packaging please post a photo to Social Media and tag and you will be entered to win a prize! Prizes may be in the form of physical product or gift certificates. 

Physical prizes will be mailed out at no additional cost and gift certificates will be emailed. 

If you have any questions about the recycling, cleaning, re-using or refilling of our products, please email Megan at for more information. 


Camp Candle Co. is a proud reforestation partner with Veritree. Every candle purchased direct from Camp Candle Co. plants one tree right here in our own backyard of beautiful British Columbia and aids in reforestation efforts throughout our province. Every wax melt, scent spray, tealight pack and reed diffuser aids in Sea Kelp reforestation in BC. Through Veritree, we are working towards a sustainable future by restoring critical landscapes which help the planet thrive. Thank you for helping to keep our forests healthy! 

corporate initiatives

Throughout the year, Camp Candle Co. participates in a number of corporate initiatives that provide donations of product, money and/or time to various non-profit organizations with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, youth leadership, indigenous relations and education. A large part of our business plan circulates around global and social impacts, and how we as a company can strive to do better and make a difference. I want to personally thank all of the non-profits that we work with for the amazing work that they do to make our world a better place. We are committed to doing our part to assist. 

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